about us

this is our story

We are a husband and wife team that have worked together in business for the past three years. Gary is a Viet Nam Vet having served in the Navy. We are both semi retired and supplementing our income with a very fun and rewarding business. We enjoy bringing fun to all of your parties, weddings, corporate events and any type of event you have that you want to make memorable and have pictures for rememberence.

We have a Selfie Station we use. What is that you ask? We have a state of the art computer (looks like a 5 ft. cell phone), professional camera Canon Rebel SL1 and DNP DS620A Sublimation media printer which prints in 9-10 seconds along with a green screen. With the green screen we can put any type of scenery behind you! Did you ever want to go to the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, The Colosseum in Rome, Wrigley Field, with the Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, NASCAR or any other scenery to suit your event?. We also have the ability to Brand your photos with you name, date or Logos, make animated videos, cartoon pictures etc.
We will print your photos immediately in 9-10 seconds and you can send to your social media at that time.
The newest craze of the Midwest. Add a great ice breaker, fun maker for all of your events!!! Everyone has a fun and crazy time!!! GET YOUR SELFIE ON!